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The Chateauguay Valley Community Information Services (CVCIS) was founded in February 2019 as a community-owned social enterprise to provide information, news and features on topics that are important to the communities within and neighbouring the MRC Haut St-Laurent.

The stimulus for establishing the CVCIS was the closure, in November 2018, of the Huntingdon Gleaner, leaving the area without a local community newspaper for the first time since 1863. The objectives of the CVCIS are to: 

Who We Are

Produce and publish news content through a newspaper and website on topics of
importance to the communities of the MRC Le Haut-Saint-Laurent and its surroundings, in
accordance with journalistic methods and principles.

In June 2019, the CVCIS acquired the title to The Gleaner from the previous owner and relaunched the newspaper with a souvenir edition and a website. In January 2020, after successful crowdsourced fundraising and subscription campaigns, The Gleaner started publishing a biweekly print and web edition. The Gleaner now has nearly 2,000 paid subscribers and retail sales in nearly 20 local communities. In July 2022, CVCIS was granted status as a Registered JOurnalism Orgnanization (RJO) by the Canada Revenue Agency which allows CVCIS to provide tax receipts for donations.

The Organization


President: Lynn McWhinnie

Vice-president: Ian Gill       

Secretary-Treasurer: Anouk Iversen

Director: Jeannie Bryson

Director: Gregg Edwards

Director: Bruce Barr

Director: Sylvain Gascon



Executive Director: Hugh Maynard

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